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High / low pressure - stainless steel reactor

Common species of stainless steel reactors include electric heating stainless steel reactor, high pressure stainless steel reactor and low pressure stainless steel reactor.

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Detailed Introduction

Common species of stainless steel reactors include electric heating stainless steel reactor, high pressure stainless steel reactor and low pressure stainless steel reactor.

high pressure reactor

high pressure reactor
First, the high pressure reactor is composed of a reaction vessel, a stirrer, a transmission system, a cooling device, a safety device, a heating furnace, and the like.
1, kettle body, is made of stainless steel, and the kettle body is coupled to the flange, the lace is a mass plate, and the two are fastened by the main bolts of the circumferential wound.
2, the high-pressure kettle main sealing is used in type A double line seal, and the remaining sealed points are in the sealed form of the circular arc surface, the circular arc surface and the circular arc surface, rely on the high precision and finish of the contact surface, reached Good sealing effect.
3, the kettle body has a barrel silicon carbide furnace core, the electric furnace wire is passed through the lower portion of the furnace shell, and the rubber cable is connected to the controller.
4, the lace is equipped with a pressure gauge, a blasting film safety device, a vapor-liquid phase valve, a temperature sensor, and the like, which is convenient to understand the reaction in the kettle, adjust the medium ratio in the kettle, and ensure safe operation.
5, the coupling mainly consists of a pair of strong magnetic force, an outer magnetic ring, and an induced spacer in the middle. The agitator is driven by a servo motor through a coupling. Control the speed of the servo motor can achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.
6, the upper portion is equipped with a speedy cell, and when the integrated agitator is rotated in the inner magnetic ring, the speed of the speed is generated, the potential is corresponding to the stirring speed, and the potential is transmitted to the speedometer, and the agitation can be displayed. Rotating speed.
7, the magnetic joint shaft is equipped with a cooling water jacket between the katropolis, which should be cooled by cooling water when the operating temperature is high, and the magnetic steel temperature is too high.
8, bearings use stainless steel bearings or high-strength electric graphite, resistant to resistance, and long maintenance cycle.

Second, the controller
1. The outer casing uses a standard aluminum alloy chassis and the upper cover can be drawn backwards to facilitate maintenance and overhaul. The panel is equipped with a temperature digital display, a voltage meter, a speedometer, and a control switch and adjustment knob, etc. for operator operation.
2, electrical principle: The electronic components of the stirring control circuit are assembled on a piece of circuit board, using a double closed loop control system, with high speed regulation accuracy, stable speed, strong anti-interference ability, etc., and has a limited speed, overcurrent, etc. The protection function adjusts the "speed control" knob to change the DC voltage of the DC motor, thereby changing the motor's speed to achieve the purpose of controlling the stirring speed.
3, using solid state relay (commonly known as voltage adjustment block) in the heating circuit, so that the heating circuit tends to simplify, as long as the "pressure regulator" knob can adjust the heating power, at the same time, the control part of the heating circuit is equipped with intelligent number. Table, allowing the heating temperature to speed up at the process of the process, and the temperature accuracy is controlled high.
4. All external leads are taken from the rear panel by the waterproof joint by the terminal terminal within the controller.

low pressure reactor

low pressure stainless steel reactor

The pressure in the reactor of the low pressure stainless steel reactor can be vacuum, or a pressure requirement of 6 kg or less. The low pressure reactor is also equipped with mechanical sealing, maintaining low pressure in the reactor and vacuum. The vacuum requirements in the low pressure stainless steel reactor reactor can be used to stir the hot melt glue. Such materials can generate bubbles when stirring, and bubbles will affect the quality of materials, if agitation is carried out in vacuo, facilitating the elimination of bubbles, and improve product quality. There are also some anaerobic materials or materials that are easily deteriorated in the air, need to be pumped in the air in the reactor, then stirring, this material requires strict, first vacuum, then charge nitrogen or other inert gas, Then take the empty, so go back and forth, reach the vacuum requirements in the reactor.

The low pressure stainless steel reactor is generally mechanically sealed to maintain the true space in the reactor. The mechanical seal is divided into two parts of the rope and the static ring. The moon set is in the spindle, and the spindle is rotated together, the static ring is fixed in the upper head, which is still stopped. When working, the static ring is fixed to the upper opening of the upper head by welding, and there is no gap between the upper head and the static ring without leakage. By configuring the screw, the ring ring is fixed to the spindle and to ensure that there is no disclosure between the ring and the spindle. At this time, only the gap between the ring and the illegit ring will cause it to leak in the reactor. When working, the bolt and spring above the ring, there is no gap between the ring and the static ring, no leakage, no leakage, this is the mechanical seal working principle. By mounting the mechanical seal, it can be ensured that the vacuum in the reactor is not changed in the case where the agitator is rotated, allowing the material to stir in vacuo to achieve the reaction purpose.

The low pressure stainless steel reactor jacket can be heated with steam. The reactor has a vacuum reactor, which is not a pressure vessel, and if heated with steam in the jacket, it belongs to the pressure vessel. Steam heating can be used in the case of high material temperature requirements, if the temperature exceeds 120 degrees, it is recommended to use the heat transfer oil heating because the thermal conductive oil has a high temperature and low pressure, and it can be close to 300 degrees under normal pressure. High temperature. Inside the jacket, the pressure is high, and it is necessary to increase the thickness of the barrel, causing the equipment cost too high.

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