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Stainless Steel Alcohol Distilling Tower for Alcohol Recovery

Stainless Steel Alcohol Distilling Tower for Alcohol Recovery

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Detailed Introduction

Stainless Steel Alcohol Distilling Tower for Alcohol Recovery


The distillation tower is suitable for the recovery of dilute alcohol in pharmaceutical, food, light industry, chemical industry and other industries. It is also suitable for distillation of methanol and other solvents.
According to the user's requirements, the device can distill the dilute alcohol at about 30 ºC to 90 ºC - 95 ºC alcohol. The higher the precision requirement of the finished alcohol, the greater the reflux ratio, but the lower the output. W type can also be used in methanol and other distillation. W type is intermittent, ZW type is continuous.

Composition and arrangement of distillation tower system
The distillation tower system is composed of simple distillation tower, reboiler, condenser, reflux tank and other equipment. Generally, it is arranged as close as possible to form an independent operating system according to the process sequence and in accordance with the requirements of the specification. Similar equipment is arranged centrally, such as condenser on the third floor, reflux tank on the second floor, reboiler on the bottom of distillation tower and pump on the first floor. This is not only neat and beautiful, but also convenient to operate. Due to the particularity of reboiler, the relevant equipment and pipeline need to be carefully designed.


Raw materials Stainless steel or carbon steel or as requires
Size Customized

Design Pressure(MPa):


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