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Daily care of electric heating reactor

The electric heating reaction kettle is composed of pot body, pot cover, agitator, heating jacket, support and transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. the pot body, pot cover, agitator, shaft seal, etc. are all made of stainless steel. It is a common equipment in the chemical industry. Only scientific operation and maintenance can make them keep good working condition and prolong their service life as much as possible.
electric heating reactor
1. When cleaning the electric heating reaction kettle, pay special attention not to let water or other liquid flow into the heating furnace to prevent the heating furnace wire from burning out. If the jacket heat transfer oil is used for heating, pay attention not to mix water or other liquid into it when adding heat transfer oil, and check the oil level of heat transfer oil irregularly.

2. Connect the corresponding voltage according to the use voltage of the controller, single-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, the live line and zero line of the controller shall not be connected reversely; the wiring work shall not be carried out in the power transmission to prevent electric shock. In order to ensure the normal operation of the controller and the personal safety of the staff, please make sure to connect the ground wire! The controller itself is not explosion-proof, so it should avoid oil, gas and other flammable and explosive environment.

3. After the reaction temperature is determined, it is not allowed to change the temperature setting value in the heating process, so as to avoid large overshoot of the temperature. On the premise that the controller is connected to the power supply, the output terminal of the rear panel of the controller is live even if the heating and mixing switches are not turned on, and it is not allowed to pull and touch any plug during operation.

4. The working time display is the internal single-chip microcomputer 8031. It is timed by the accumulation of internal frequency division. Each power on and power off will make the internal.

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